How To Use 2 Whatsapp In 1 Phone:Dual Whatsapp(100% Working)- 3 Methods

How To use 2 Whatsapp In 1 Phone?,How To use 2 Accounts In Single Whatsapp?Or,How To Use Multiple Accounts In Whatsapp?——-Here We Will Give You The Way To Make All These Questions Solved.
Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts:
Today I will show you how can you install 2 whatsapp accounts in single android Phone and run 2 whatsapp accounts.
Whatsapp tricks are much popular these days, one of them is Dual Whatsapp account these days I am 100% Sure you have tried many methods for install 2 whatsapp and you didn’t got success yet, Don’t worry, with this guide you will able to run multiple whatsapp accounts in same android phone. these days also trending whatsapp for dual sim phones. So i searched a lot about installing dual/multiple whatsapp accounts in same android phone and finally today I got a solution for this.
2 Whatsapp In Single Android Phone
For Use Multiple accounts in your android phone some guides needs root, which is not suitable method for all android users, with this guide you can install dual whatsapp accounts in your android phone without rooting it. Whatsapp is now biggest source of Sending text messaging via android phone, Mobile phones are coming with dual sim feature too, so why not install 2 whatsapp accounts in same android phone April 2016. | Dual Whatsapp.
Dual Whatsapp Method:Let’s enjoy this awesome feature.  Whatsapp is now biggest and popular messaging app with 700 million active users. Some of the users wants to run dual whatsapp accounts in their android phones, If you have tried OG Whatsapp method then it will give you obsolute error, So here I am sharing a method to run multiple whatsapp accounts without Og Whatsapp Method.
Multi Whatsapp Account in Single Device
Some of the other sites are also providing methods for use 2 whatsapp accounts in one android phone. But some of them are not working & fake methods. but here, we are providing one of the best way to running 2 accounts of whatsapp in one android mobile phone. so must try out this method. If you are using phone of dual sim and whatsapp want to run, then checkout full guide from below. Some of the peoples are already fed up by trying many more methods. So just try this final method & use it without any issues. So checkout this best method & use it.
Method 1–Gb Whatsapp(Updated Link April 2016):
To use double whatsapp in one android phone you need to download gbwhatsapp updated apk.
1.Click here to download the Gbwhatsapp
2.Now fill your second mobile number and verify it.
3.You can see now two whatsapp icon in your phone.One of official whatsapp and second of gbwhatsapp.
You are using two whatsapp in your phone now.
Method 2—–Parallel Space App(Run Multiple Account In Any App With Help Of Parallel Space App):

Read steps carefully to use two whatsapp account in one whatsapp application.
2.Open Parallel Space App.Here you will see the icon of whatsapp.Click on it.
3.Now a fresh whatsapp screen will open.Fill your second mobile number and verify it.
4.Now you are using two whatsapp account in single app.
5.Click/Tap on official whatsapp icon to open your first account and open parallel space app for your second account.
Method 3—- 2 Line For Whazzap(Only For Rooted Phones):

If you have a rooted phone,then you can use this cool method for dual whatsapp.This app requires root permission to run in your phone.
1.Click here to download 2 Line for Whazzap(root required)
2.Open the app and grant root permission.
3.Here,You will see one row of “default”.Click on “+” icon and give it a name as “second whatsapp” or anything else you want.
4.Now a fresh whatsapp screen will appear.Verify your second mobile number here.
5.You are using two whatsapp now.Without downloading any third party app.Only in one whatsapp app.
6.Open “2 Line for whazzap” and click on “default” or on first line to open your first whatsapp account.Click on second line to open your second new account.
So,these are the 100% working methods for using two whatsapp in your one android phone.Please keep visit daily to our site.Here you will find new tricks on regular basis.
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