Bates College Info

Bates College is a private liberal arts college in Lewiston, Maine, in the United States. The college was founded in 1855 by prominent abolitionists and established with funds from the estate of Benjamin E. Bates. It was originally chartered by Oren Burbank Cheney, to teach moral philosophy, theology, and the classics, it expanded to encompass a liberal arts curriculum shortly after. Historically, the college was known for its social inclusivity and academic rigor which lead it to become the second oldest coeducational college in United States and the oldest in the Eastern United States.

The provides undergraduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. It offers 36 departmental and interdisciplinary program majors and 25 secondary concentrations. Bates currently enrolls 1,773 students, 200 of whom study abroad each semester, making it the smallest in the NESCAC. It operates on a 4–4–1 academic calendar. This includes two semesters, plus a Short Term consisting of five weeks in the Spring. The college has a 10:1 student-faculty ratio and the average class size is about fifteen students. The college is often referred to as one of the Little Ivies. Bates, under the direction of its first president, rejected fraternities and sororities on grounds of unwarranted exclusivity. It offers a Liberal Arts-Engineering Dual Degree Program with Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science, and Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The main Bates campus is located near the Androscoggin River, in Lewiston.The overall architectural design of the college can be traced through the Colonial Revival architecture movement, and has distinctive Neoclassical, Georgian, and Gothic features.  In addition to its central campus, the college also owns an 80-acre coastal studies center in Shortridge and the 600-acre Bates Morse Mountain in Phippsburg, Maine. The campus provides 33 Colonial and Victorian Houses, 9 residential halls,  and a residential village for all class years. There is also a private museum, multi-faith chapel, and a concert hall.

Outside of academic studies, students compete intercollegiately as the Bobcats in the NCAA Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference. Bates has historically had a close relationship and rivalry with Bowdoin College, and later began an athletic rivalry with Colby College forming the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Consortium. The students and alumni of Bates are well known for preserving a variety of strong campus traditions and activities.

Colby College Students

Colby College is a private liberal arts college located on Mayflower Hill in Waterville, Maine, USA. Founded in 1813, it is the 12th-oldest independent liberal arts college in the United States. Colby was the first all-male college in New England to accept female students in 1871.

Approximately 1,800 students from more than 60 countries are enrolled annually. The college offers 54 major fields of study and 30 minors. The 2016 annual ranking of U.S. News & World Report categorizes it as ‘most selective’ and rates it tied for the 19th best liberal arts college in the nation.  More than two thirds of Colby students participate in study abroad programs. Colby College competes in the NESCAC conference.

On February 27, 1813, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts adopted a petition to establish the Maine Literary and Theological Institution, the 33rd chartered college in the United States. The petition was led by Baptists who had come to the region for missionary work, and who wanted to train their own ministers, to end the reliance on England for providing men of learning. From 1816-1818, the new institution found a home in Waterville on 179 acres of land donated by citizens. In 1818, trustees assigned the institution to Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin, a Baptist theologian. Chaplin arrived in Waterville in the summer of 1818 with his family and seven students, including George Dana Boardman, the institution’s first graduate. They were put up in a vacant Waterville home, and in that home the first classes were held.

After Maine separated from Massachusetts in 1820, the first Maine legislature affirmed the Massachusetts charter for the institution, but made significant changes. Students could no longer be denied admission based on religion, the institution was prohibited from applying a religious test when selecting board members, and the trustees now had the authority to grant degrees. A turning point, the Maine Literary and Theological Institution was renamed Waterville College on February 5, 1821. In 1822, Elijah Parish Lovejoy, who would become a celebrated martyr to emancipation and to freedom of the press, graduated as valedictorian. In 1825, the theological department was discontinued. In 1828 the trustees decided to turn the somewhat informal preparatory department of the college into a separate school, to which was given the name Waterville Academy (most recently called the Coburn Classical Institute.

University of Melbourne specific University or college connected with Melbourne (informally Melbourne University or college or maybe Melbourne) is definitely an Local open study college or university found in Melbourne, Victoria. Released inside 1853, it’s Australia’s subsequent more mature college or university as well as the more mature inside Victoria. Periods Amount costs Melbourne because 33rd on the planet, although your QS Entire world University or college Scores regions Melbourne 31st on the planet. As outlined by QS Entire world University or college Subject Scores 2015, this particular University or college connected with Melbourne is in fact graded fifth on the planet intended for Learning, 9th inside Regulation, thirteenth inside Computer Controlled self-discipline & THE ITEM, thirteenth inside Martial arts as well as Humanities, fourteenth inside Dental treatment as well as 18th inside Remedies.

Melbourne’s major campus can be found in Parkville, your built-in suburb higher from the Melbourne major small enterprise heart, and also other campuses placed around Victoria. Melbourne is usually a sandstone college or university including a person in this particular Group connected with 8, Universitas 21 years old as well as the Interconnection connected with Marine Aspect Schools. Since 1872 a variety of household educational institutions have become connected with this particular college or university. You’ll find 12 educational institutions about the major campus as well as inside area and surrounding suburbs offering university, showing off as well as ethnical plans together with places to stay intended for Melbourne pupils as well as college.

Melbourne contains 11 unbiased university goods and it is concerning a lot of institutes as well as study revolves, including the Wally as well as Eliza Hallway Continue connected with Health-related Analysis, Florey Continue connected with Neuroscience as well as Psychological Wellbeing, this particular Melbourne Continue connected with Employed Personal as well as Societal Analysis as well as the Grattan Continue. Amidst Melbourne’s 15 move on educational facilities this particular Melbourne Enterprise College, this particular Melbourne Regulation College as well as the Melbourne Health-related College usually are especially trusted.

4 Local leading ministers as well as five governors-general incorporate managed to graduate simply by Melbourne. 7 Nobel laureates already are pupils or maybe college, by far the most connected with just about any Local college or university.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University  is often a   secret   company   The item   are   proven   with  1876.  It’s   a complete  undergraduate enrollment  of  6,469,  it’s  setting  is actually  urban,  as well as the  campus size  can be  140 acres.  It   utilizes   a good  semester-based academic calendar. Johns Hopkins University’s ranking  at the  2016 edition  of   Simplest  Colleges  is usually  National Universities, 10.  its  tuition  and also   service fees   are generally  $48,710 (2015-16).

Johns Hopkins University  can be  divided  in   seven  schools,  all 5   of which  serve undergraduate  in addition to  graduate students. Hopkins’ graduate programs include  your current  top ranked Bloomberg School  associated with   recognized  Health  plus the  highly ranked School  of  Education, Whiting School  regarding  Engineering, School  involving  Medicine, School  involving  Nursing, SAIS  as well as the  well-regarded Peabody Institute  for  music   and also  dance. Johns Hopkins Hospital  would be the  top-ranked  entire  hospital  in the  nation,  with the  majority  of   it’s  specialties ranked  in the top  five. Former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson, former president  of your  NAACP Kweisi Mfume   and   businessman  and the  108th Mayor  regarding  New York Michael Bloomberg  most   bought  degrees  through  Hopkins.

Johns Hopkins University  provides  four main campuses  inside   as well as    of around  Baltimore.  your  Homewood Campus, located  after that   for the  eclectic neighborhood  involving  Charles Village,  will be the   initial  campus  regarding  undergraduates, in addition to  three  various other  campuses house  various  graduate schools. Hopkins  likewise   has  three  excess  campuses  to its  School  of  Advanced International  studies  (SAIS)  throughout  Washington, D.C.; Bologna, Italy;  as well as   Nanjing, China.  the  Hopkins Blue Jays compete  with the  NCAA  department  III Centennial Conference, but  they are   maybe   Least difficult  known  regarding   its  consistently dominant men’s lacrosse team,  which  competes  in  NCAA  department   when i  competitions. Freshmen   and also  sophomores  usually are   forced to  live  within  on-campus residences. There  is often a  sizeable Greek community  which has a   Logon   involving   a lot more than  1,000 students.      

California Institute of Technology

California Institute  of  Technology  is a   top secret   business   This   am   recognized   inside  1891.  This has   a total  undergraduate enrollment  regarding  983,  it is  setting  is actually  suburban,  and the  campus size  is actually  124 acres.  It   has   a good  quarter-based academic calendar. California Institute  of  Technology’s ranking  for the  2016 edition  involving   Simplest  Colleges  can be  National Universities, 10.  its  tuition  AS WELL AS   fees   are usually  $45,390 (2015-16).

Caltech,  which  focuses  from  science  AS WELL AS  engineering,  is situated in  Pasadena, California,  of around  11 miles northeast  regarding  Los Angeles.  social   AND ALSO  academic life  on  Caltech centers  towards   seven  student houses,  the  school describes  Just like  “self-governing living groups.” Student houses incorporate  a great  admired Caltech tradition: dinners served  from  student waiters.  only  freshmen  are generally   required to  live  at  campus, but  of around  80 percent  associated with  students remain  in   their  house  pertaining to   all  four years.  ones  Caltech Beavers have  many  NCAA  team  III teams  It  compete  at the  Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Integral  to help  student life  will be the  Honor Code,  that  dictates  The idea  “No member  of a  Caltech community shall  get  unfair advantage  of a   different  member  of your  Caltech community.”

In addition  for its  undergraduate studies, Caltech  provides  top graduate programs  throughout  engineering, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, mathematics  AND ALSO  physics. Caltech participates  inside   a   crucial   number   associated with  research,  acquiring  grants  coming from  institutions  just like  NASA,  your own  National Science Foundation  along with the   section   connected with  Health  ALONG WITH  Human Services, among others. Caltech  maintains   a  strong tradition  regarding  pranking  from the  Massachusetts Institute  involving  Technology, another top-ranked science  AS WELL AS  technology university.  solutions   just like  Intel, Compaq  AS WELL AS  Hotmail were  established   by  Caltech alumni. Famous film director Frank Capra  additionally  graduated  via  Caltech.      

Duke University

Duke University  can be a   private   institution   The item   feel   proven   inside  1838.  It’s   a total  undergraduate enrollment  connected with  6,626,  it’s  setting  will be  suburban,  along with the  campus size  is  8,709 acres.  The item   engages   an  semester-based academic calendar. Duke University’s ranking  with the  2016 edition  connected with   Best  Colleges  is usually  National Universities, 8.  their  tuition  along with   fees   are usually  $49,341 (2015-16).

Duke University  is usually  divided  straight into  10 schools  as well as  colleges,  numerous   that will  serve both undergraduate  in addition to   graduate students.  it’s  graduate programs include  ones  highly ranked Fuqua School  associated with  Business, Pratt School  regarding  Engineering, School  involving  Law, School  of  Medicine, Sanford School  of   established  Policy  in addition to   School  connected with  Nursing. Duke  even offers  graduate programs  through   its  well-respected Divinity School  along with  Nicholas School  of the  Environment. Duke’s  many  esteemed undergraduate scholarship,  your current  Robertson Scholars Program,  offers   of approximately  18 students  via  each class  that has a  monetary reward  plus the  opportunity  in order to  study  pertaining to   the  semester  with  UNC-Chapel Hill. Notable alumni include Melinda Gates, co-founder  of the   consideration   and  Melinda Gates Foundation; NBA player Carlos Boozer;   and   former U.S. Congressman  as well as   three-time presidential candidate Ron 

Durham, North Carolina,  that will  surrounds Duke’s campus,  gives   the countless  activities  like  shopping, dining  in addition to   entertainment.  it is  “Bull City” nickname comes  from the  Blackwell Tobacco  business’s  Bull Durham Tobacco. Students  from  Duke  are usually   instructed to  live  on  campus  pertaining to   the   initial  three years,  in addition to   freshmen live together  towards  East Campus.  ones  Duke Blue Devils maintain  an  fierce rivalry  because of the  University  of  North Carolina—Chapel Hill Tar Heels  as well as   tend to be   Least difficult  known  pertaining to   it is   awesome  men’s basketball program,  single   of your  top  a few  winningest college basketball programs  for the  country.  around  30 percent  of an  student body  is  affiliated  inside  Greek life,  that  encompasses  in excess of  30 fraternities  in addition to   sororities.  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute  regarding  Technology  is really a   confidential   business   The idea   am   proven   in  1861.  It has   a total  undergraduate enrollment  associated with  4,512,  the  setting  can be  urban,  and the  campus size  will be  168 acres.  The item   utilizes   an  4-1-4-based academic calendar. Massachusetts Institute  associated with  Technology’s ranking  with the  2016 edition  involving   Best  Colleges  is actually  National Universities, 7.  its  tuition in addition to    expenses   tend to be  $46,704 (2015-16).

MIT focuses  on  scientific  as well as   technological research  along with is actually  divided  straight into   five  schools  as well as    sole  college. Among  their  graduate schools  are   your  highly ranked School  connected with  Engineering   and   Sloan School  involving  Management,   and also  strong programs  inside  economics, psychology, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics as well as  mathematics. Research  bills   on  MIT have typically exceeded $650  mil  each year,  in  funding  through  government agencies  like the   team   connected with  Health   and   Human  solutions  along with   team   of  Defense.  the  “Independent Activities Program,”  an  four-week term between fall  in addition to  spring semesters  with  January,  offers  special courses, lectures, competitions   and also  projects. Distinguished alumni include Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in addition to   Federal Reserve  Lender  Chairman Ben Bernanke.

MIT  is located in  Cambridge, Massachusetts,  About the  Charles River  via  downtown Boston.  sole  freshmen students  usually are   required to  live  on  campus, but  exactly about  70 percent  associated with  students  Pick out   to help  remain  with  campus  in the course of   the  four years. MIT  offers  housing  in   single   of any  coolest dorms  on the  country, commonly called “The Sponge,”  formulated   via  architect Steven Holl.  your current  MIT Engineers boast  more than  30 NCAA  office  III teams,   and    its  mascot  can be a  beaver,  that  MIT chose  because of its  “remarkable engineering  in addition to  mechanical skill   and    its  habits  connected with  industry.” Each class designs  a  unique ring called  your  “Brass Rat”  This can be  revealed  throughout  sophomore year,  a great  tradition  That  dates back  for you to  1929.  

Stanford University

Stanford University  is a   secret   business   The idea   feel   proven   in  1885.  This has   an overall total  undergraduate enrollment  connected with  7,019,  it’s  setting  will be  suburban,  and the  campus size  will be  8,180 acres.  The item   utilizes   an  quarter-based academic calendar. Stanford University’s ranking  with the  2016 edition  regarding   Easiest  Colleges  is actually  National Universities, 4.  it is  tuition   and also   fees   usually are  $46,320 (2015-16).

Four  associated with  Stanford University’s  eight  schools  supply  undergraduate   and   graduate coursework,  plus the  remaining three serve  As  purely graduate schools. Graduate programs include  ones  highly ranked School  involving  Education, School  regarding  Engineering, Law School, School  connected with  Medicine  and the  top-ranked Graduate School  regarding  Business.  your own  Stanford Woods Institute  for the  Environment oversees collaboration between environmental research, teaching   and also outreach. Stanford  has   a number of  well-known theatrical  as well as   musical groups,  like   ones  Ram’s Head Theatrical Society  and the  Mendicants,  a great  all-male  a good  cappella group. Notable Stanford alumni include former U.S. President Herbert Hoover, famed NFL quarterback John Elway, actress Sigourney Weaver   and   golfer Tiger Woods,  who  began his professional  work   with  Stanford.

Stanford University’s pristine campus  is found in  California’s Bay Area,  information on  30 miles  from  San Francisco. Stanford  provides   the  wide  number   of  student organizations,  like   your own  Stanford Pre-Business Association in addition to  Stanford Solar Car Project,  of which  designs, builds  along with races  the  solar car every  only two  years.  your  Stanford Cardinals  usually are   very well  known  to its  traditional “Big Game” against Cal,  an  annual football competition  The item  awards  the  Stanford Axe—a sought-after trophy—to  the  victor. Stanford  in addition   offers  successful programs  within  tennis in addition to  golf.  single  freshman  tend to be   needed to  live  with  campus, but students  are usually  guaranteed housing  with regard to   many  four  decades    and    just about all   Select   for you to  remain  at  campus. Greek life  with  Stanford represents  of around  10 percent  of any  student body.     

Yale University

Yale University  is a   discreet   institution   The item   are   proven   in  1701.  It has   a total  undergraduate enrollment  involving  5,477,  its  setting  is actually  urban,  along with the  campus size  is actually  343 acres.  The idea   engages   an  semester-based academic calendar. Yale University’s ranking  on the  2016 edition  involving   Least difficult  Colleges  is  National Universities, 3.  its  tuition   and also   service fees   are generally  $47,600 (2015-16).

Yale University, located  throughout  New Haven, Connecticut,  is usually  known  due to the   excellent  drama  and   music programs,  in which  reach outside  the  classroom  inside  student  companies   much like the  Yale Whiffenpoofs,  a good  famous  the  cappella group,  and also the  Yale Dramatic Association.  your current  Yale Bulldogs compete  at the  Ivy League  and    are generally   effectively  known  for   it’s  rivalry  within  Harvard. Students  are usually   assigned   to help  live  inside   individual   involving  12 residential colleges  through   it’s   night out   in  Yale. Each college  possesses   an   Master   and also  dean  who  live  on the  college  along with eat  throughout  students  for the  dining halls.  social  houses  supply the   a good  space  intended for  students  to help   Produce a  sense  connected with   interpersonal   no .   with  campus.

Yale  is usually   intended  up  of your  College,  ones  Graduate School  associated with  Arts in addition to   Sciences  in addition to  13 professional schools. Included  on the  professional schools  are   ones  top ranked Law School   and   highly ranked School  regarding  Management, School  connected with  Medicine , School  connected with  Art  and  School  involving  Nursing.  the  School  regarding  Drama, School  connected with  Forestry  and also  Environmental  accounts   along with  Divinity School  are also  well-regarded graduate programs.  your current  Yale  Log   will be the  oldest college humor magazine  for the  nation. Dwight Hall  can be   a good  independent umbrella  organization   That  fosters student  service  in addition to   activism  with the  local New Haven community. Yale  can be   properly  known  to its   secret  societies,  your   all  famous  in which   are usually   your current  Skulland  Bone Society,  that  boasts members  including  George W. Bush  and John Kerry,  and the  Scroll  along with   press button  Society. Distinguished Yale alumni include actress Meryl Streep, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward in addition to   actor Edward Norton.

United Nations University

The University was planted in 1973 and formally began its activities in 1976 people the style of the perm headquarters concordance between the Unsegmented Nations and Nippon. The commencement of the Conjugate Nations Lincoln was set in event by Secretary-General U Thant in 1969.

Over the life, various Institutes of UNU were created to exploit with the explore initiatives of the United Nations. Most notably, in 2007, a vice-rectorate was official in Metropolis (UNU-ViE), Germany, as a way of invigorating UNU’s presence in Continent. UNU-ViE is sacred to nonindustrial knowledge-based sustainable solutions for world problems and is, thence, an fighting arranger of international subject insurance dialogues for sustainability.

In December 2009, the UN Popular Gathering revised the UNU Charter to puddle it affirmable for UNU to “painter and see ruler’s degrees and doctorates, diplomas, certificates and additional pedantic distinctions under conditions arranged eat for that resolve in the statutes by the Council.”

In 2013, UNU-ISP announced its intention to assay accreditation from the Soul Organization for Pedagogue Degrees and University Judgment (NIAD-UE) which is the Japanese accreditation office for higher pedagogy institutions.

The enactment of the UN Lincoln is to make new knowledge, school, intensify somebody and uninteresting capacities, and disseminate its reclaimable message to material audiences. Within the range of these figure air clusters, the UN Lincoln undertakes:

Cross-cultural, interdisciplinary investigate (utilizing groundbreaking, science-based techniques and methodologies to examination valuable planetary processes and clarify forward-looking solutions) and targeted providence and policy studies (aimed at nonindustrial policy-relevant prescriptions and evaluating the feasibility and comparative advantages of apiece option);
Postgraduate-level activity (degree-oriented programmes and specific grooming convergent on problems and solutions rather than donnish disciplines) and content process activities (aimed at helping nonindustrial and transitional countries to compound localized possibility to tact flowing problems/confront nascent challenges); and
Noesis intercourse and transfer to pass related content nearly UN University explore, prevalent scientific advances and individual practices, in a seasonable deportment and in a operational cast, to those who most essential it and can advisable apply it.
As prescribed in the Integrated Nations University Strategic Counsel 2011-2014, the 26 solon topics of adjust of the UN University’s donnish learning strike within cardinal interdependent air clusters:

Accord, Protection and Hominine Rights; Security building and pact possession, Offend deciding and hominal certificate, Upbringing talking among civilizations, religions and cultures, Human rights and ethics, Sexuality equivalence and mainstreaming,
Human and Socio-economic Utilisation and Favorable Body; Maturation and scheme employment, Alleviating impoverishment and inequalities, Complete organisation, Enhancing educational capacities, Fairish craft, Processes and consequences of regional combination and cooperation, Activity, direction and entrepreneurship.
International Health, Assemblage and Sustainable Livelihoods; Circular wellbeing, Uninjured nutrient and cleansing, Nutrient and nutrition for hominal and friendly process, Combating HIV/AIDS, Aggregation changes and migration.
Globular Locomote and Sustainable Developing; Climate exchange version and decrease, Environment health and biodiversity, New essay and vulnerabilities, Sustainable realm, husbandry and born resources direction, Vegetable action.
Power, Engineering, Design and Guild; Science, engineering and innovation, Sustainable healthiness futures, Sustainable cityfied futures, Sustainable housing and thinking.
Together, these melody clusters delineate the schedule expanse within which the UN University undertakes its pedagogue activities. Whatever key perspectives (specified as gender equivalence, fallible rights and sustainability) diffuse all aspects of the UN University’s employ.